Horseshoe Fish & Game Club
44 Greens Pond Rd.
Merrimack, New Hampshire
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Contact Us

     Hey thanks for checking us out.  Not sure if you got here from the web directly or from the redirection from our answering machine.  In any event it looks like you need more information, whether you’re a prospective member or a current member.

    Just some basics before we start. All of the links below are for an e-mail address on our web site that will get your question the the right person(s).  Each ends with, but you need to eliminate the spaces and the word “and”, For example “Fish and Game Conservation” is  Or you can choose to just click on the link and let your default e-mail agent kick in. Just remember to “cut” the to address if your default e-mail is not already set up for outgoing and incoming e-mails.

    In a previous release the “Contact Us” pointed to While this is still a valid contact point, I hope the information below, provides you with a shorter path for your answer(s).  

Officers and Board of Directors:

    For prospective members or general information about our club please direct you inquiries to our Secretary.  

       President     Vice President       Secretary      Treasurer     Directors  Officers

     For existing members, or others that have questions beyond general information, please select  the appropriate officer or direct your inquiries to both the “Officers” & “Directors”

Standing Committees:

    Already a member or prospective member and want to get more information or see how you can lend a hand?  Contact one of the following:

      Archery       Auditing        Building and Maintenance    Fish and Game Conservation

      House and Entertainment   Nomination   Publicity    Fire Arms

     Are you an outside organization and want to work with us?  If so, contact our Publicity committee or any board member.

League Information:

    Who knows, your name could be the next to be added to the wall of Fame.  Find out more by contacting one of the following:

    Center Fire League         Pellet League        Rim Fire League         Skeet

News Letter :

    Have something for our news letter?  Send the information to

Didn’t find what you were looking for:

 Drop me a line at